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Find out more about the story behind Mai Tardi along with the wonderful team. 

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Who We Are

We grew up in a gelato family in the North East of Italy therefore gelato for us is not a simple thing, but a way of living, a piece of joy, a family moment, a spare time spent to get happiness.


MAI TARDI GELATO was born ( in Margaret River ) to help you feel the same emotion with this unique Gelato experience created from authentic recipes using fresh quality ingredients sourced from top Italian regions and the pristine South West.


Mai Tardi means "it's never too late" which is given from our relationship with gelato; during our 20's we had the opportunity to take over the gelateria from our family, but we refused, and instead left Italy for travelling around the world. But now, after many years, we found a place we can call home and share our passion for's never too late..!!!

What We Do

Gelato is Pure Emotion. Emotions are Created with Passion.

Our gelato is made in the Italian traditional way using authentic family recipes combined with innovative techniques which allow us to develop new flavours in small batches. We are obsessed with the quality and freshness of our ingredients which are sourced mainly from the immaculate South West region such as the local Jarrah honey, the fresh citrus from the community, the superb quality of Bannister’s Down fresh dairy product and much more. We're also proudly connected with our beloved Italian country, where we import unique ingredients from two main regions:

  • The Piedmont Hazelnut IGP ( called “Tonda Gentile” ) from the Piedmont region is universally known as the best in the world. They are characterized by its crunchy flesh, long shelf life, and amazing flavour and aroma, especially when it’s roasted. My family has been collaborating with a very small producer from the Langhe region for more than 20years.

  • The Sicilian Pistachio DOP from the Sicily region is called the “Emerald of Sicily”. The particularity of this pistachio is the unique green pale emerald colour followed by an intensely rich and savoury flavour which is given by the unique soil and climate of the region.

Where We Come From

It began in 1996

When Tobia and Daniela opened their doors of Gelateria Gelatissimo right near the historical town of Bassano del Grappa, in the North East of Italy. Through the years, by collaborating with the local suppliers, by their unstoppable research on new gelato techniques and their fantastic customer service, they've achieved an incredible quality of products and are recognized as one of the most successful gelato businesses in the region.

The two brothers Giacomo and Giordano have grown up in the business and learnt their parents work ethic, the passion involved in creating such a great product and of course the pleasure of enjoying gelato at any given time. Flavia has also joined the family in the business and learnt the gelato and semifreddo secrets. My parents motto is: Ogni gusto un'emozione ( every flavour gives an emotion ).

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Unique Packaging


Natural Ingredents

Local Communities

The unique recyclable/compostable packaging which we use is created using paper tubs developed by Zipform packaging which is the leader company of sustainable packaging in Australia.

We are focusing on utilising fresh, locally produced ingredients to create the highest quality products and flavours.

We’re proud to be collaborating with local companies in order to provide the best products and help other small businesses.

Meet The Team

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Giordano is a tireless worker with a Hospitality superstar career, working in the field for more than 12 years as Sommelier. Being a wine connoisseur, the high standard of palate taste and the great communication skills ,make him the quality controller and the Mai Tardi Gelato brand representative.

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Mum of the luckiest gelato lover in town, Flavia is the engine of the "Laboratorio", producing new desserts and unique sweet piece of arts. Creative, efficient, and very passionate. Her experience and enthusiasm in desserts making is known in the entire region.

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After a decade spent travelling and working in cocktail bars and restaurants, Giacomo had the desire to start again doing what he enjoyed most, making Gelato. He's the guy in charge to make the magic, using traditional family recipes but also developing new sensational flavours combination and achieving the greatest balance of recipes.


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